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Will Boom! Studios Set a NEW Kickstarter Record?

Boom! Studios currently holds the top two spots in terms of "most financed" comic book campaigns on Kickstarter (I think...its hard to research). Here are the top two:

The Top Spot

The Runner Up

The Contender

Yesterday, Boom! Studios launched the Power Rangers 30th Anniversary Collection campaign on Kickstarter, bringing together classic Power Ranger stories to match the aesthetic of the hardcover campaign they ran in 2021 collecting the 5 years of Power Rangers and Go Go Power Rangers comics published through boom studios.

The 2021 campaign offered a collection of 6 hardcover books that you could back at either $100 (for a single book) or $500 for all 6 books and a collectible case. This campaign offers a similar model, along side a $50 entry point. For $50 you can get Power Rangers #0 the "Power Coin" edition alongside the Power Rangers 30th Anniversary Special #1.

Beginning at $100 you can select one of the THREE hardcover collections offered by the campaign. Here is a description of what you can find in each volume (according to the campaign):

Book 1

Go back to the earliest POWER RANGERS comics in POWER RANGERS ARCHIVE BOOK ONE, which collects the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers stories from the first decade, originally published by Hamilton Comics and Marvel Comics.

Book 2

POWER RANGERS ARCHIVE BOOK TWO with comics featuring the Zeo, Turbo, Super Samurai, and Megaforce teams along with more classic Mighty Morphin tales, originally published by Image Comics, Acclaim/Valiant Comics, and Papercutz. All of the beloved stories in the POWER RANGERS ARCHIVE have been remastered and restored by BOOM! Studios and are presented here for the first time in the Deluxe Hardcover format.

Book 3

POWER RANGERS: LOST CHRONICLES BOOK ONE collecting for the first time ever in the Deluxe Hardcover format, all of the standalone graphic novels published by BOOM! Studios alongside the POWER RANGERSARTIST TRIBUTE. POWER RANGERS: LOST CHRONICLES BOOK ONE features characters from Lost Galaxy, Rangers In Space, Psycho Rangers, Time Force, the 2017 Power Rangers movie team, Ninja Steel, RPM, and SPD among other fan-favorites!

Backers can snag all 3 hardcovers at the $275 price point, and for the BIGGEST of Power Rangers fans, the unique offerings range from slipcases to signed prints to AN ANGEL GROVE LETTERMAN'S JACKET:

To be fully honest, my heart and my wallet will be in a constant state of battle vs each other as I decide which level to back at. I think my wife would actually murder me if I got the letterman's jacket, but it is so cool!!!!

This campaign's predecessor brought home slightly over $800,000. In the first day alone, the campaign saw more than $340,000 in support. With 29 days to go, we'll see if this campaign vaults towards the top two Boom!/Kickstarter comic campaigns in history!

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