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Welcome to The Poserverse!

Just a guy....screaming into the void....about comics....

Welcome to the new and improved Poserverse 2.0!  My blogging journey started in 2019 where I started reviewing comics as a cathartic release and a creative outlet to help me cope with and manage some newly diagnosed mental health issues. 

Since then, I have expanded my work across a variety of platforms and creative spaces, with a focus on creating youtube content true to my original philosophy as a critic.  The wide world of comics and nerd culture has a variety of different fandoms, and they are not for everyone.  Therefore if I ever have a negative spin on something I've read or seen, instead of trash talking, I'll identify why it may not fit with readers like me.  

My primary passion is with independent comics through either traditional means of publishing, kickstarter projects and/or web comics.  If you are a creator and would like me to put eyes on your work for either the blog or for youtube content, my email is linked all over the page!

In addition to creating content, I am a high school teacher and speech/debate coach, a husband to my wonderful wife Emily of 12 years, and a father to three amazing balls of chaos: Toby (6), Ainsley (almost 5), and Charlie (3).  You'll see my family appear on youtube from time to time, or be referenced in posts.

That's enough about me.....It is now time to Enter the Poserverse!

Poser with a Burger Lord shirt and a Critical Role mask on.
Poser enjoying a freshly unboxed copy of Yarn Man #1
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