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Orange Cone Productions Launches Expired #2 Early!!!!

I feel like we are living in the land of Peak Gibb at the moment. What do I mean from that? In the past several months in addition to the slurry of Kickstarter individual issues and/or anthologies we see Travis Gibb lead, we've also recently gotten issues 1 & 2 of Coins of Judas through Band of Bards, and just 2 days ago Granite State Punk was released through Scout! As Travis' self-proclaimed biggest fan, I'm excited to see that he's getting wider releases because I think the world needs to know his sheer genius!

As announced through Orange Cone Productions' Substack this morning, whilst at Megacon the creative team decided it was time to open the campaign for OCP's newest offering, Expired #2.

Expired #2 (Orange Cone Productions)

By: Brent Himmenger, Travis Gibb, Jake Baggs, Sean Baggs, Jerome Gagnon

Campaign Ends: April 21, 2023

What if every breath you took started a countdown to the end of your life?

This is the broad theme explored in issues 1 and 2 of Expired. The best way to think about the universe created by Himmenger and Gib with two different creative teams for each issue is to think of the classic film Waterworld for your environment, with an authoritarian ruling class determining who has access to oxygen and for how long.

On this adventure you'll join Cristoff who is literally breathing his final breaths while exploring the planet Vanda with his friends to see if there is an alternate solution to the oxygen supply crisis.

I really enjoyed the first issue, and I think there is a vast universe unfolding in front of us which could allow this series to stretch beyond its initial 4 issues (I want things to continue, when creative teams have planned stopping points, which makes me sense, but I will still always ask for more).

There are many things which drive me to Orange Cone projects, which I wrote about in Wednesday's piece on No Contest. But the biggest piece is affordability. All of Travis' projects have very budget-friendly starting points. For this campaign you can pledge:

  • $4 for a digital copy of issue 2

  • $7 for digital copies of issues 1-2

  • $10 for a physical/digital bundle of issue 2, cover A

  • $15 for a physical/digital bundle of issue 2, cover B

  • $22 for the "Orange Cone Digital Sample Pack" which I absolutely love

The rewards only continue to grow in awesomeness from there, and there tend to be some pretty amazing stretch goals to unlock as well!

I've already pushed that back it button, and I hope you do the same!!!!

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