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What if COVID-19 Started when I was also beginning to "Adult"

I've always been a big Valiant comics fan....and I instantly jumped at the opportunity to see their first theatrical offering "Bloodshot." I didn't get to see it on the day it released, however I went to see it on the day after the greenest of beers, to find shortly after I returned home that schools would be physically shuttered for the remainder of the school year (and then worse.....). I thought my life would be tricky managing a work life balance of my spouse and I both working at home with three kids under the age of 5 (with our youngest being slightly over a year old). That large challenge never allowed me to think about what other folks may be experiencing throughout their pandemic (aside from other parents of young kids, or my students...because thats who I had contact with throughout). If I were entering the next defining phase of my life (from college to adulthood) I have no clue how I would have attempted to adjust......but "​DAY AND AGE: YEAR ONE" allows me to think down that road!

Day and Age: Year One (self-published) By: Andrew Oh and Daniel Cervantes

Andrew's book offers the perfect weekly self reflection of the trials and tribulations of both the post-college experience as well as the hell of COVID-19 in creating different forms of isolation. From online dating mishaps, to cockroaches to your neighbors getting a dog, to the relation we all unhealthily developed with our AMAZON delivery person. This slice of one person's life gives us an understanding of what we may have missed out on, but how the pandemic experience may have been more common for all of us than we may have thought.

I never thought I could become both emotionally connected and a feeling of camaraderie with someone I've never met but only read their work faster than what I did with Andrew's work! For the low low price of $6.99 you can go on the same rollercoaster I did, and I promise you, you'll love it!

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