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Quick Look: Mosely #2 (Boom! Studios

I wrote about Mosely #1 just before its January 4th release. In short, I loved this book SO MUCH I went back to my LCS and picked up an extra cover A, and 3 variants I could get my hands on because I loved the idea of a man who helped form the foundation of the modern technology he resents in the present. Learning about the humble janitor's impact on all things artificial intelligence was fascinating, especially when we learned the role his daughter is currently playing in this techno-topia. So, I jumped at the chance to see what Mosley #2 has in store for us!

Mosely #2 (Boom! Studios)

By: Rob Guillory, Sam Lotfi, Jean-Fancois Beaulieu and Andrew Thomas

Release Date: February 15, 2023

I think of all 5 of the cover options for issue #2 the Nick Pitarra cover may be my absolute favorite, because it may be the most representative of the themes I've picked up on in this issue. Boom! solicits book 2:

As Mosely reels from the recent events that bestowed the Holy Hammer upon him, he’s overwhelmed by the legions of “upgraded” civilians, with Robo-Enforcers hell bent on keeping the digital status-quo in place. Mosely finds himself with more tangible foes, a daunting task–wreck the three robo-gods that run the city from their towering pyramids–and… deal with the return of someone special from his past? Beginning here, each issue includes a bonus story written and drawn by Rob Guillory for wall-to-wall content!

From the preview pages, Mosely picks up by giving us background on how his daughter was recruited to work for the high-tech empire governing everyone's daily existence as well as showing the relationship between her and the red ethereal entity whom is always with her!

I'm thoroughly excited to pick up issue 2 because this issue appears to meet the promise that the series will hit as hard as Mosely's hammer!

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