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The Eleventh Voyage is Upon Us.....Does it Save us?

As I noted in my preview of Redshift #1, I'm always in the mood to read about space colonization, especially anything dealing with Mars! This was one of the books which made me grumpy with Scout's three month delay policy (which I defend and understand) but it was so good I needed the second immediately!

I also think this was initially supposed to release last week, but due to a printing delay, it and several other Scout books are getting pushed to release on the 8th. As I noted in my Black Cotton Preview.... expect a barrage of Scout (p)reviews coming out across the next day or so!

But in short, Issue #2 lives up to the hype and intensity of issue 1, and the absolute rollercoaster leading up to launch day will leave your heart pounding!

Redshift #2 (Scout Comics) By: H.S. Tak, Brent McKee, Sebastian Cheng, Joel Rodriguez

Issue 2 picks up with 46 days until the next launch of a voyager into deep space with hope of finding the final home for humanity. We also get a deeper look into how bad the conditions are in Aris Nova.

In addition to the resource struggles, we get to learn how their water supply is curated, what the black market on Mars looks like, and ultimately whether or not Heller has buyers remorse on his decision to become the voyager or not. I will say the last 3-4 pages are totally unexpected and have me more than addicted to this series and I cannot wait for the drop of Issue 3!

This was also the 1,169th comic I've read this year!!!

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