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Single of the Day: Tear Me to Pieces

This just popped up on my "new releases" playlist on YouTube music. Story of the Year released their single/b-side combo of Tear Me to Pieces and Real Life. I remember having Page Avenue (2005: with hits like "Until the Day I Die" and "Anthem of their Dying Day") on heavy rotation, but to be honest, I can't name anything they've done since then. However when I saw this pop up and heard the vocals, I immediately flipped over my phone, confirmed my suspicion of who it was, and immediately got excited!

Although, when I went to re-listen today, now YouTube music only lists Tear Me to Pieces and no longer has Real Life (which is also great!).

The track opens with a simple guitar riff and Dan Marsala's classic high pitched harmonic yet edgy vocals introducing the chorus, and is immediately bookended by the guitars going HARD! Again, you can see from the lyrical content why I'm hooked:

Tear me to pieces

And swallow me

'Cause I can't kill all the anxiety

Tear me to pieces

I'm on my knees

I'm suffocating and I can't break free

The song flies between a classic alt/pop-punk feeling melodic tune and then some full-on screamo or post-hardcore. I'm quite excited to see how this song, and how the past few tumultuous years (from a quick google search) informs the sound of the rest of the album. YOU READ THAT RIGHT we're getting our first Story of the Year album since 2019, and this is the title track. The album is set to release on March 10, 2023.

Check out the song and music video below:

Two quick notes on the video....

  1. Skating in a church? Hell yes! I miss watching skateboarding etc. and I need more of it in my life (I'm too fat and old to do it myself anymore...damn knees).

  2. This makes me miss my mosh pit days (again, even if I'd love to punch and ram myself into 15 year old versions of myself, I probably shouldn't....)

Who's excited for more of the album? Let me know in the comments below!

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