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Do the Goosebumps Return With R.L. Stine's New Comic?

As someone who was born in the 80's and came of age in the 90's the Goosebumps Books were a staple of anything I'd pick up from my classroom book orders or the rockin' Scholastic Book Fair. I'm also pretty sure that I used several reads through the entire series to get me some free personal pan pizzas through BookIt! (Uh oh....did reading make me fat?). When I saw that there was a new R.L. Stine's book is billed as "Goosebumps for Grownups" I had to jump at the opportunity to read it early (don't worry, it made the pull list too ya'll).

Stuff of Nightmares #1 (Boom! Studios)

By: R.L. Stine, A.L. Kaplan, Roman Titov

Release Date: 9/21/22

The book opens with "the Nightmare Keeper" introducing us to the oddities in his collection and more importantly, the stories which come with them. Today's particular object of focus is William Seward's (Lincoln's Secretary of State) hand, which brings us to the story of two brothers, both of whom are scientists and they, like the Nightmare Keeper collect hands and other body parts as well.

As we crawl through the story we witness the Cameron brothers attempt to create life through an amalgamation of organic matter compiled from other living beings. If that wasn't creepy enough, a young journalist looking for "the story of her career" inadvertently discovers their base of operations...which is where Stine and Kaplan turn it up to 11!

Should you Pick This Up?

I will definitely say if you were a fan of Stine's work in your younger days (or now!) this has the makings of a good anthology-style horror staple. I am really intrigued by the Nightmare Keeper as a narrator, they have the sheer potential to rival someone like the Cryptkeeper as a horror host with the most! If you want some straight up gore in your life, this is the perfect book to pick up just before Halloween season kicks off in full force!

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