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You Sold a Coin? A Review of Coins of Judas #1

Judas Iscariot notoriously created the chain of events which lead to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ...and for what? A mere 30 pieces of silver. While we have the final act of betrayal burned into our brains in Sunday School and bible study when we were children, what if the act of Judas was not the only thing cursed? What if the coins themselves were symbolic of greater forms of sin and evil being released into the world? Lucky for us, this is a question explored by Travis Gibb and the rest of the creative team in an upcoming release from Band of Bards.

Coins of Judas #1 (Band of Bards)

By: Travis Gibb, Tyler Carpenter, Rolands Kalnins, Jerome Gagnon

Releases: Janurary 18, 2023

The book opens with Cullen Westergaard who explicitly tracks down the 30 pieces of Judas' cursed silver which has spread across the world the past 2000 years. Each coin has the capacity to not just spread evil, but as the coins travel further and further these gremlin-esque demonic entities known as the Children of Judas. As interest and demands for the coins rise (by pro-Judas cultists) the magnitude of the evil spread intensifies daily. The job of Westergaard is to hunt these coins down and slay the associated evils with them.

Unfortunately, one day Westergaard falls into a trap, and is slain by some of these evil beings. We quickly jump into the future where we meet Sophia and Gunther Westergaard, who are Cullen's children and we assume at least Gunther has been carrying his father's mantle (as we witness Sophia being released from prison).

As the children return home, Sophia learns that things may not have gone well in her absence, and is afraid she may be drug back into the world of her bloodline against her will.

Who Would Like This Book?

Honestly, if you are a fan of any of Gibb's other works through Orange Cone Productions, you will enjoy this title as well. However, if you're not read up on your Broke-Down and Voodoo Invades Expired, then I believe a couple of specific types of horror fans will be into this title.

  1. If you enjoy monster hunting tales such as Something is Killing the Children, Count Crowley or Bitter Root, this book will be right in your wheelhouse.

  2. If you're enjoying Walsh and Co.'s Silver Coin, I think you'll enjoy this book. Even if its not the tale of one coin warping the individuals it touches, this book with the symbolism of Judas' coins may add an extra layer.

  3. If you enjoy creepy-occult style books like: Homesick Pilots, Autumnal, or Proctor Valley Road, you'll be into this.

Most importantly, this is a book where I'm specifically willing to put my money where my mouth is as Cole's Comic Claims and just this morning announced our exclusive cover done by Ignacio DiMeglio. If I didn't like this book, I would not make it the second exclusive book with my name on the back!

I think this is a great book from a new indie publisher, and I think you all should give it a go! FOC is this Friday!

Finally, enjoy the dulcet tones of Chris Jericho and Fozzy's song Judas (it was either that or lady gaga and I went with Fozzy!)

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