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You Better Pull; Eve: Children of the Moon

If you didn't read last year's smash hit Eve (Victor LaValle, Jo Mi-Geyong, Brittany Peer, and AndWorld Design), you missed out on one hell of an Afrofuturist work of art. This easily was in my top three books of the year. While Boom!'s press release for issue #2 of the second arc sat staring me in the face in my inbox, I had to get caught up with issue #1 and BOY-HOWDY does it deliver as effectively as the first series does!

Eve: Children of the Moon (Boom! Studios)

By: Victor LaValle, Jo Mi-Geyong, Brittany Peer, AndWorld Design

Releases: November 23, 2022

Issue one of children of the moon brings us up to speed after Eve's journey to the Moon to save humanity from a dying planet Earth. Her voyage was successful and we are getting updates from all over the planet showing how and where life is thriving...except for one outpost which has never returned any of the Moon base's communiques. So naturally she does what any rational person would do, leave the moon and head to earth to see what's up. When she meets with the non-responsive group, we learn that one of her closest allies may have been one of the largest betrayers to her father and his allies...

Issue 2 seems to pick right up with the necessary backstory of either Eve's memories as a toddler or the background on one of the individuals running the compound Eve is tasked with visiting. We also get another glimpse of how human life could turn and be tainted by the environmental challenges in an instant. While we only get a preview of the first 5 pages, I can already tell you that it promises to be as heart pounding intense as each issue of the first arc!

I absolutely adore this series and was thoroughly excited when a second arc was announced. If you like sci-fi or post-apocalyptic tales, do yourself the favor of grabbing Eve vol. 1 in trade as well as picking up Children of the Moon issue 1. Also, make sure you pre-order Children of the Moon #2 as it is on FOC this Friday!

Did you read either volume 1 or issue 1 of Children of the Moon? Share your thoughts with me in the comment section!

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