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Will David Hazan and Shane Connery Volk Kill Me (Nottingham #8)

Alright, I seriously think that Frank at Mad Cave Studios knows when I'm done mentally being productive for the day at work.....AND IN THAT MOMENT EMAILS OUT THE PREVIEWS NOTIFICATIONS.......

Look, I'ma shoot in the dark at this one again, because we all know two things:

  1. No one has read Nottingham 6-7 or the FCBD version but folx with hub access.

  2. I'm gonna tell you to buy it anyway =-)

So, since I enjoyed creating a "reaction post" as I read issue 7.....buckle in cats and kittens because it's time for Nottingham #8

Nottingham #8 (Mad Cave Studios)

By: David Hazan, Shane Connery Volk, Justin Birch

Releases: June 15, 2022

Like I said at the end of the issue 7 preview, my heart was racing and my anxiety was pretty high. I also cannot remember when we interviewed David on Shop Talk a few weeks ago if he said that it was issue 8 or issue 9 which I would need a spotter while I read it (if I collapsed due to fat-dude-heart-syndrome......but here it goes!

The last thing I they got off a boat (I'm pretty sure that only spoils that folks were on a boat....but nothing else. Commence reaction NOW:

  • Always be afraid of making deals with shadowy cloaked figures


  • Yep, the French were pretentious dicks in the late 1100's too

  • The patriarchy was also alive and well too


  • Day 1, 3, 7 is the embodiment of "same shit, different day"

  • Holy shit.......what happened to T is more glorious than ANY POETIC STABBING YET!

  • OH SHIT, THAT ASSHOLE IS THE RAT? THERE WILL BE BLOOD (how presumptuous of me)

  • NOW WHO THE FUCK IS THIS GUY.......he stole a lovely knife.....will he stab someone?

  • And finally.....SHIT'S ABOUT TO GET REAL AT THE HOMEFRONT!!!!!!!!

  • I LOVE NOTTINGHAM! heart still racing, but I think I'm dead in issue, if you are wondering what the murder weapon is....It's issue 9, and the accomplice (in addition to David, Shane, and Justin) is Frank....for sending the email and being a knowing accomplice!

In short, BUY THIS BOOK!!!!!!!! It is amazing, I can't find enough amazing things to say about what the team is doing! If you don't pick up issue SIX next Wednesday...we can't be friends.

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