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What if John Hughes Had Pokemon?

As someone who was born in the 80's and came of age in the 90's you know I became a student of all of the cinematic classics of the first two decades of my life. Looking back at these films now is especially interesting given how we would label many of those films "problematic" for a variety of reasons. However, regardless of critiquing a film's choices or language through a modern lens, I think we can all agree that the premise of a lot of these cinematic wonders are quite interesting.

Case in point, John Hughes' the Breakfast Club. Through a modern lens, it is super problematic from Bender's aggressive sexism/misogyny to the use of homophobic language there is plenty of room for critique. However analyzing a group of Chicago teenagers from different walks of life and asking if they became friends at the end of it all or if it was a form of Stockholm syndrome seems a timeless question open for discussion.

There is only one thing which would make this discussion wilder....add monsters and stir! Allow me to introduce, from Scout Comics:

By: Matteo Rivosecchi, Niccolò Iielapi, and Maria Letizia Mirabella

Omega Gang tells the story of a group of teens from Norwich, England where they are dealing with a variety of economic and social issues in addition to being a teenager watching the world go down the toilet. On top of it all the teens discover "OGs" which are monsters linked to their fears and dreams.

Will these beasts be a boon or bane? While this group of misfit teens have discovered something which may truly help change the world, they not only have to hide them from the authorities, but they also have to deal with learning how to train and constrain the actions of the OGs. How can these teens turn their discovery into a positive life changing discovery? Will they be able to stand up to the pressure of their new burden?

It's for these reasons alone, I'm excited to check out Issue 1 of Omega Gang!

“I’ve been trying to break into the comics world for quite some time, and I’m grateful to Scout for giving a bunch of kids from Italy the chance to tell our story. This project is our heart and soul, our sweat and blood.” - Matteo Rivosecchi

I'm also very interested to check out this creative team trying to break into the US Comics market! I really love how Scout Comics takes a chance on a wide variety of creators, which is why I have loved nearly every Scout title I've read!

With a story that sounds compelling, and art full of its own unique flavor, I'm 10000% excited to dive into this new world!

The ashcan is currently available on Scout's webstore with preorders for Omega Gang #1 listed with an estimated shipping time of the "first week of June" you can secure your copy now!

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