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Support Artists!!! Subscribe to Tinyview!

While the internet and social media may be a brilliant tool for many creators to share their content, we may not think about whether or not these creators get their what may be due to them if their art gets appropriated by whatever platform they decide to post on. Cartoonist Brian Gordon has created a series called "Deal With the Devil" to highlight the frustrations many artists have voiced with growing regularity about the challenge of having their art used for someone else's financial gain.

This is where the beauty of websites like TINYVIEW.COM can be beneficial to artists and fans alike!

Tinyview is an independent, creator-driven website helping build bridges between cartoonists and a wide variety of fans. Sometimes I may not have the ability or the attention span to consume a full 28+ page comic throughout the day, but good 'ol cartoon strips help keep me fueled between classes, meetings, or if my children are a handful at any given time.

In speaking to the importance of websites like tinyview, Matt Bors a two-time Pulitzer finalist and founder of the Nib notes: "Social media is driven largely by video and daily print media has collapsed. That has left comic strip creators with very few options. Tinyview is a place designed for comics, funded by readers, and if we reach this campaign goal, it’s only the beginning of what it could do for creators.”

The campaign he's speaking of is the push to get $25,000 in monthly subscription fees to increase the sustainability of their platform, to increase the number of cartoons they can release and most importantly to PAY CREATORS by February 14th.

In addition to the challenges of navigating the digital world, two time Pulitzer finalist Rob Rogers highlights how websites like helps keep the format of comic strips alive:

"As a veteran editorial cartoonist who spent decades at a major daily, it breaks my heart to see the decline of the U.S. newspaper and, along with it, the comics pages. Thankfully, all is not lost. Tinyview has managed to recapture the fun and anticipation of opening the Sunday funnies right on your phone or digital device. Most importantly, Tinyview makes it a priority to pay artists for their work. I am proud to be a part of this new comics venture."

As of 8:30c on January 30th, is approaching $13,500 on their quest to secure their operational funding. Do your part, and help keep this format alive, and introduce yourself to some PHENOMENAL ARTISTS for just the cost of a cup of coffee a month!

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