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Spooky Season Cometh on All Hallows Eve!

I am a huge fan of both indie comics and small press kickstarter projects. What I absolutely LOVE is when the two end up intersecting, and a kickstarted project proves to be SO financially viable, that it gets published on the open market so those who missed the project can still check out some AMAZING work! Today we see a similar intersection with Invader Comics' All Hallows Eve.

All Hallows Eve (Invader Comics)

By: Trevor Luckman, Dave Mims, and Micah Myers

Kickstarter TPB Ends: 11/1/22

FOC Cutoff: 10/28/22

All Hallows Eve was originally produced as a 6-issue digital series with but never printed as neither 6 single issues nor a collected trade. However, that all changes NOW with both an active Kickstarter campaign and is available on Previews World for you to snag through your LCS!

After reading through the project information, and checking out some of the digital information, I will say this is a must have for any horror fan or collector. If you want to know the TRUE origins of Halloween before candy, costumes, and capitalism took over, you need this trade!

In the first tale we are treated to a twisted mother-daughter tale which feels like it's in the margins of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. After an intense spat with her mother, our main character Sophia heads into town to go dancing and spend time with her love interest William (who feels a bit like a Mr. Darcy). Spooky stories are told, William leaves the party and Sophia gives chase. However, when she makes it outside, we are introduced to an earlier figure we saw hiding in the shadows who escorts Sophia to a nearby cabin where he believes the tenant may have information she's looking for. Apparently during this heavily romanticized era, Sophia hasn't learned the chief rule of not entering CREEPY CABINS IN THE WOODS.

Obviously, that's when it goes off the rails and gets WILD and I don't want to spoil it for any of you who haven't read things yet. However, I will note that each story builds upon its predecessor with perfection making this one of the best horror collections you could read, because while the single issues are great, the trade gives the collection a more complete feel to it. Which is why you should secure a copy now!

Some wonder what may the difference be between grabbing the collected works on Kickstarter vs. preordering it through Previews World. The answer is the image above. This exclusive cover by Daniel Crosier was created on an 11 x 17 piece of wood and then digitally transferred to become the Kickstarter Exclusive variant cover.

I will also say the perks are pretty cool for backing on Kickstarter. Here is a breakdown at individual price points:

  • $10-Digital Tier

  • $24-Pick a physical edition + a book plate

  • $42-Both covers and a bookplate

  • $58-A physical copy, a book plate, a metal print, a signed script page and a pin.

There are so many additional little extras you can get at the variety of affordable price tiers to fill your spoopy needs.

Additionally, I don't know if you've been checking out what Josh Rubens has been up to lately, but anyone who backs at a PHYSICAL tier gets an Ashcan of his upcoming FIRST graphic novel (you can find a preview in Fangoria this month).

You should run, not walk to your electronic ordering device and secure your copy(ies) of this project NOW!

Remember: FOC through Previews is TOMORROW (October, 28) and the Kickstarter closes on November 1.

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