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Source Point Toys Finds a New Way to Take My Money

I am a big fan of spooky things, and oddly murderous stuffed animals (you can see in several youtube videos either my Stabbity Bunny and/or Octo (Something Is Killing the Children) sitting on my desk. Some of the creepier things are hidden in a closet (because my kiddos look at them and say that everything is too spooky.

However, I think Source Point Toys has created something which meets my need for creepy, and my kids need for not being too spooky. Yesterday they opened up preorders for their Cuddly Kaiju Plush line.

Currently there are four options priced at $29.99 a piece, of $99.99 for the set. I think my two favorites are Squid Vicious (because the Thicc-er the booty, the easier to loot-y) or Thrasher, because he's the punk rock kaiju who wants to challenge capitalism and the flawed classical kaiju ideology.

Either way, I think these are all pretty interesting and definitely worth checking into! I think I need to grab some of these and find some Cthulhu stuffies to add to my collection.

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