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Scout Comics Has Invented a New Way to Take My Money!!!!

Alright, just as I've found ways to start reigning in pieces of my collection and focusing on more specific areas....Scout Comics has to go and announce this:

PRESSWORK PLATES come framed and adorned with a metal plate commemorating

the publication’s title, print run and the date the comic book/graphic novel was printed!

When the printer prints a single comic or graphic novel using the CMYK process, it is

printed in 8 page increments using four different plates. Black, Cyan (Blue), Magenta,

and Yellow. Interior page PRESSWORKS PLATES will be sold in two page increments

in four different colors. When the PRESSWORK PLATES are a cover, it will feature one

incredible, oversized framed plate in four different colors.

I am absolutely in love with this idea!

I think this an absolutely cool idea, especially if you are someone interested in collecting individual art pages, this may have the same effect. They appear to be framed in a fairly elegant matter with note of the title, date, and print run of the book. Right now they cost a modest $299.99 which may be steep to many collectors, but if you are a die-hard Scout Comics fan this may be right in your wheelhouse. In the gallery are some samples of what you could choose from....but for the full availability:

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