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Scout Comics Has a SLEW of Comic Tags on FOC!

I profess my love for Scout Comics quite often because they keep finding new ways to reel collectors like me in. From their dungeon minis to accompany Murder Hobo or their Pressworks series, or their Subscription Box which gets you everything Scout is releasing that month AND MORE! However, they have one specific item I'm smitten with...the Comic Tag!

If you've not seen Scout's Comic Tags before, they are basically the size of a trading card displaying cover art of one of their books, with a QR code you can scan to read things digitally. Comic tags have been a game changer for some of the series that I want to re-read but don't want to put my grubby hands on a book again OR I don't have the room on my bookshelf for another TPB.

James, If you're reading this, I will say that I can make space for one of your comic tag spinner racks if you've got one up for grabs...but I digress!

If you want to get caught up on a variety of Scout series, the following books are up for FOC this week in Comic Tag Form!

Like I said, I'm obsessed with these and even if I dislike reading digital books, I LOVE how the comic tag gives me a book without the space consumption!

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