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#PoserPreviews--RedShift (Scout Comics)

I on numerous occasions talk about how much I love Scout Comics on my youtube channel. Frequently, I highlight the Scout Box (the best damn deal on the internet), and you constantly see me wearing a Scout Comics shirt (generic, or Murder Hobo, White Ash, Stabbity Bunny, or Mullet Cop!). One of the things I've vowed to do more is write about Scout (and maybe I'll be as cool as my friends and get my own discount code!)

REDSHIFT #1 (Scout Comics) By: H.S. Tak, Brent McKee, Sebastian Cheng, Joel Rodriguez

Release: May 19, 2021

Humans have a fetish with Mars colonization. Why? Because of an inevitable fear of the death of planet Earth (our bad....) and needing a new place to call home to preserve the human race.

The world of Redshift occurs sometime after the (presumed) death of Earth where colonists are mining ice veins, and building a larger habitat for humanity. However, we learn that Mars may not be ideal enough, and the powers-that-be are calling for exploration beyond our solar system to find another Earth-like planet to save the species.

Our story focuses on Hellener Drake, who appears to be nothing more than a simple colonial ice miner. However, we quickly learn the Ministry (the government) has other plans for him, in the form of becoming the Ministry's next Voyager. Apparently not only does exploration run in Hellener's family, but it is also a piece of his past, where he was an academy drop-out.

After learning the heartbreaking tale of why Hellener dropped out, he is faced with the ultimate survival decision. Does he become the next voyager with the hope of preserving humanity...or does he focus on self-preservation and not go out on a presumed suicide mission?

Final Thoughts

Yeah, I'm definitely intrigued by the premise of this book, and I'm glad I'll have it in my hands soon through my Scout Box subscription. I think you all should pick this up because it creates a compelling narrative of survival while focusing on a family's loss. The art is extremely engaging, and makes you feel for both Hellener and the Ministry. The colors are mind blowing. I truly believe that Cheng just put on a clinic for anyone else writing about Mars, by creating an amazing colors cape to depict the red planet in all of its glory. Even if you can't get this preordered by the 19th through your LCS, don't worry. Remember Scout has a 3-month delay between their first and second issues to ensure proper time to re-order before issue 2 drops, so use the diamond information below to hit up your LCS. OR... When the listing goes live to order on the Scout Shop and use the code BURRITO (must be all caps) you can get 10% off of your order! (Maybe I'll be cool enough for a scout code one day...) But if you love stories of space and survival, this is the book for you!

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