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Mad Cave Studios and Voices of Children Team-Up for an Amazing Initiative

As a debate coach and social sciences teacher, I have to not only research a variety of subjects which may be personally difficult to deal with...and then I have to find a way to guide my students through some of these challenging topics as well. One of the most traumatic areas to walk through with my high-schoolers is to look at child soldiers, or children in combat. Why? Because some moron earlier in their educational careers thought it would be a brilliant idea to have them imagine they were a child soldier. While this may have been an ill-fated attempt to generate empathy...all it does is negatively imprint these students by forcing them to potentially confront violence in their home life or other issues in a traumatic manner.

However, Mad Cave studios has partnered up with a new organization to generate a new graphic novel and art book where all of the proceeds are being donated to the Voices of Children foundation.

Lower Your Sights

By: Tanya Vovk with submissions open now!

I cannot begin to imagine the horror facing the citizens of Ukraine at this moment. While many are standing up and fighting in defense of their homeland you know that a large number have to be terrified not knowing what tomorrow may look like. However, what brought me to ease is the short interview in the press release with Tanya. Tanya is just 7 years old, and has wisdom beyond her years and shows why we should elevate whatever stories children whom are impacts of war etc. would like to tell...not just glorifying the sexiest child soldier autobiography coming out.

Lower your sights is the kind of book I want both at home and in my classroom to share with those who are facing a variety of challenges, because the one thing I see consistently from Tanya's interview and illustrations is a sense of hope. No matter how terrible her situation could be at the moment, she provides an example of perseverance I hope we can all find within ourselves, which is why I'm excited to see what this book has in store for us!

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