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Go read this Indy BANGER for Free-Ninety-Nine ASAP!!!!!

For one reason or another, it is sometimes difficult for me to stay on top of different webtoons. In fact, I've reviewed only ONE OTHER WEBTOON which eventually became its own published TPB on amazon. This book however, is a traditional issue-length comic instead of the short strips like what you find in many productions. It took me a minute to be able to get through all three issues, but needless to say....I'm hooked on.....

Drowse (Issues 1-3 now available) By: Frank Verano, Nick Klinger, Jaime Huxtable, Taylor Esposito, Kev Ketner

The creative team offered the following synopsis in their solicitation:

"In 1969, occult detective Paul Caine, suffering from psychic trauma after spending decades pushing his mind to its limits in pursuit of esoteric knowledge, uses a singular set of detection methods rooted in urban mysticism to investigate a dangerous new movement called the People’s Project, who work to exploit the harbor town of Fairhaven’s social unrest for its own ends."

Their target audience is: "fans of the crime genre, particularly those drawn to the work of Ed Brubaker and Greg Rucka, both of whom often weave super or sci-fi elements into the crime genre, yet always keep it grounded in verisimilitude."

I believe they perfectly reach their target audience, with the stylistic influences they mention as well. One of the reasons I thoroughly appreciate crime works is when there are solid nods to many of the pulp-origins of the genre. Which I feel like thy do with their own brand of a private dick who uses any means necessary to dive into cases which have elements of an occult nature.

In addition to appreciating the influences they gave a nod to, if you loved the AfterShock series Miskatonic, you will also enjoy this series. I made it through all three issues at a relatively slow pace because I was so drawn into every intricate detail AND WHATEVER THE FUCK THE REEPY MACHINES WHICH KEEPED POPPING UP ARE!

Are we on the verge of socialists attempting to convert the masses by plugging them into the matrix? What the hell was that prayer? These folks may not believe that "religion is the opiate of the masses...." which could make their movement terrifying from a multiplicity of ideological angles.

In short, this may very well be one of the best comics on the market right now, that you've never heard of. You should. With 16 issues coming in the first "season" of this series, I can't wait to see each individual twist or turn the series takes, because I'm hooked and terrified now, and we are only in Issue #3!

​Again.....did I mention this book is free? GO READ IT NOW!!!!!

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