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Dear Cullen Bunn....Who Hurt You (a Nightwalkers Preview)

I have professed my love for Cullen Bunn all over the internet. On my Youtube channel, on this very blog, on social media, on my LCS' podcast and more. While he has done some of my favorite big 2 characters, his chef's kiss is really the work he does with his spooky indie comics. I thought I have seen Bunn write all kinds of horror premises, and then I read each of his new titles, and really think my man is limitless. But with so much horror, seriously who hurt you? Is life in Missouri that traumatic (I get it as a Kansan) or are you a modern master of the macabre?

Night Walkers #1 (of 4) (Source Point Press)

By: Cullen Bunn, Joe Bocardo, Colin Johnson, Justin Birch

Releases: January 18, 2023

Night Walkers focuses on Seren who is a "repeat customer" at a rehabilitation facility (I cannot tell if her vice is something chemical or if it is self-harm oriented, because I saw allusions to both). Seren walks around the facility with a lassiez faire attitude because she's the "golden goose" or a daughter of a wealthy/powerful father and she believes she can get away with anything.

After we see Seren passively chatted with about missing a rehab session, she meets with her friends, and appears to prepare for some evening activities. However, as she and her group make it downstairs, they are alerted that they have an early call for "lights out." While there is some dissent, everyone consents because of a promise to "make it better tomorrow."

However, when Soren wakes up (late, again), the institution is hauntingly quiet. Nobody is in the hallways, no one is around to bring Soren back to her routine. She hears voices, and its the other members of the rehab facility.....and that's it?

Where did they go, what lies for our inhabitants of the facility in the dark.....all I can say based on this screwed up nightmare fuel.....IT IS AMAZING AND BUNN AND CREW + SOURCE POINT PRESS HIT ANOTHER HORROR HOME RUN!!!!

But really

Make sure you pre-order this book NOW!!!!!!

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