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A Dancing John Cena Peacemaker Figure???

Full disclosure, I have not seen Peacemaker, mostly because I don't have an HBO-max subscription anymore (let me know if I should change that, and watch the show). However, I am a John Cena fan (even though most wrestling fans despise him) and Toby likes him as well, and he asks me questions about Cena (and the Rock) all the time like I am an expert.

When I checked my email and got word of Cryptozoic's new Kickstarter campaign for a Dancing Peacemaker Bobble figurine, my interest was naturally piqued.

Bare minimum, click here to go to the campaign to check out their video, it made me (and my students who were around when I pulled this up) laugh quite a bit!

I'll say the pricing on this campaign isn't too bad either with the core figure at a $35 Pledge, the Bloodied Exclusive at $50, and the Golden Kickstarter Exclusive coming in at $60. Or, you could finally meet your beauty pageant goal of attaining "World Peace" and getting all three dancing peacemakers for $130. As someone who collects mostly Funkos in addition to my comics, the few times I've backed toy/figurine projects on Kickstarter, I have had to pay a bit more for either the base or exclusive levels, so I think the dancing Peacemaker definitely gives you the bang for your buck!

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