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Poser Peddles

From time to time, I'll start listing items from my collection which I'm willing to part with this page will be inclusive of everything I pick up from raw books to slabs or Funko products to Pokemon and sports cards.  If you see something you're interested in discussing a price on etc. Feel free to send me an email or DM me on Instagram!

Batman: Three Jokers Set

All 3 1:100's #2 is a 9.8 FMV: $175

Ex Machina #1

9.4-FMV: $130

Evil Ernie Straight to Hell #2

French holofoil edition. FMV-??

Silver Surfer Annual #5

Est. Value $60-ish

New Mutants 98

1st Deadpool 7.0 Newsstand FMV-$475

Spiider Gwen #0

FMV $55

Phantom Starkiller #1 Secret VHS Variant

1/400 Signed by Schmalke EV-$150

X-Men Legends #4

Action Figure Variant FMV-$70

Detective Comics #1027

Torpedo Exclusive Signed By Art Adams LS: $76

Thor #5

4th Printing

Flash 133 (99)

Signed By: Paul Pelletier

SIKTC #1 (LCSD Variant)

Signed by Tynion FMV: $85

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